Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Update 12-4-07 8:10pm
  • Dodgers GM Ned Colletti spoke again to Scott Boras about Andruw Jones today and got the same answer as yesterday. Jones does NOT want a 2 year contract. GIVE HIM THE EXTRA YEAR COLLETTI! What a cheap organization we've become.
  • Broxton has been deemed untouchable, much like Russell Martin.
  • Colletti is enamored with Japanese P Hiroki Kuroda who is 5 years older than Bedard and is a number 4 at best. Considering what he would cost a year (at least 10 million) this seems to be headed into Juan Pierre territory.
Update 12-4-07 3:30pm

A lot of things to get through, both directly and indirectly relating to the Dodgers.
  • The Tigers acquired Miguel Cabrera & Dontrelle Willis for CF Cameron Maybin, P Andrew Miller, C Mike Rabelo & 3 other minor leaguers according to Peter Gammons.
  • The Dodgers have inquired about Danny Haren of the A's says Jayson Stark & Buster Olney.
  • The White Sox are jumping into the Andruw Jones sweepstakes and will probably be dumb enough to feed into Boras' demands.
  • There hasn't been any new developments in the Bedard for Kemp & Broxton trade yet.
  • The Dodgers made an inquiry into what it would cost to get former Yankee set up man Luis Vizcaino. This could perhaps be a prelude to moving Broxton.

12-4-07 12:30pm
  • Amy Nelson is reporting that the Dodgers are close on a trade that would have Broxton and Kemp going to the Orioles and Eric Bedard coming to the Dodgers. Seems a bit steep to me. Then we'd really have no power.

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