Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris Kline --- Baseball America

Chris Kline filled in for Jim Callis in the ESPN Baseball America chat and had a few things to say about some quality Dodger prospects.

Brian (LA): Answer this one for Dodger fans out there. Is there any guy on the trade market today that you would trade Kershaw for?

Chris: (2:21 PM ET ) On the block right now? No.

John (Dallas): Chris, I was looking at BA's top 10 prospects for the Dodgers and I recognize the top 4 but the last 6, and especially the 3 rhp's are new for me, can you tell me about the 3 rhp's Withrow, McDonald and Meloan? Are they going to have anywhere near the impact that Kershaw, and to some extent Elbert, will have?

Chris: (2:24 PM ET ) Withrow's fastball was up to 98 mph in the Gulf Coast League, which was higher than he was before the draft. McDonald played himself into a prospect last year with ridiculous numbers in high Class A and Double-A. Meloan has enough pitches to start, but the mentality to pitch out of the pen in short spurts. His velocity plays up in that role and the bite on his secondary pitches are much sharper.

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