Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bag of Balls and a Fungo Bat for Pierre

Eric G weighs in on the Juan Pierre saga:

Ship him to SF for all I care

I dont give a flying F if we give Juan Pierre to the Giants for a bag of peanuts, AND, pay ALL of the $35 mil or so left on his contract...Please, it would be worth it so that we wont have him play D or hit in our line up for FOUR MORE YEARS!!! Four Years!! Christ! That's worse than having Bush for 8 years!!!

Trade him to the white sox, rangers or some other team in desperate need for a shitty Lef..errr I mean Centerfielder..I think some sort of middle reliever and paying half of what's left on his contract is more than worth it. At least, he is guaranteed to NOT be playing center in the Ravine next year...ANDREW!!!!

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chastro said...

Word 'round here at the station is Pierre going to Minnesota to fill Torii Hunter's spot with LA picking up a large chunk of the salary, Broxton, Kemp and either Bills or Kershaw for Santana