Saturday, December 1, 2007

Former Dodger news

Boring weekend unless you're a Yankee fan. Here's some info on former Dodgers in case you care:

  • Eric Gagne was offered arbitration by the Red Sox. He's worth a 2nd round pick as a Type B Free agent. Boston fans do not want Gagne back & there's a good chance he doesn't come back. I'd place my bets on Milwaukee.
  • The A's offered Piazza arbitration. Another Type B free agent.
  • Matt Herges re-signed with the Rockies for one year.
  • Caesar Izturis signed a one year deal to play SS for the Cardinals for 2.85 million.
  • Paul Lo Duca is still unsigned and may be interested in signing a 1 year deal with the Blue Jays.

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