Thursday, September 25, 2008


Not since the days of Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser & Mickey Hatcher has there been so much optimism in L.A.. Today as the D-Backs finished their late season swoon, Dodgertown was abound with excitement, turning tonight's game against the Padres into a mere formality. The possibility of a postseason freeway series is more possible than perhaps ever in history. The likelihood of another Boston vs. L.A. showdown is not out of the realm of hope for the Blue. So ironic is it that the Dodgers get into the playoffs under the tutelage of Joe Torre, who continues his streak of playoff wins is continued, but the Yankees do not get in.

If the Mets do not get in and Milwaukee does, the Dodgers will face the Cubs starting at Wrigley. If it's the Met's who get the Wild card then the Blue open up in Philly & if the Phils end up int he Wild Card then it's the Dodgers at Shea. So many possibilities, but with the Pitching the way it's been and the hitting so on fire I would hate the be any team against the Dodgers this postseason.