Monday, December 3, 2007

Notes from The WInter Meetings

UPDATE 12:47AM --- Tuesday
  • Tony Jackson is reporting that the Dodgers DID NOT make an offer to Andruw Jones and are out of the bidding due to Scott Boras' ridiculous demands, for now. The Dodgers
  • Jackson also says that the rumors about Hank Blalock are unfounded.
  • The Dodgers are being excessively cheap this Winter and it's really starting to piss me off. I'm not saying spend money for the sake of spending money (see: Juan Pierre), but God Damnit open up the purse strings Mc Court who will be now known as Mc Cheap.
  • Dylan Hernandez agrees with Jackson & states that the Dodgers have made an offer to Hiroki Kuroda.
  • He also says that the Dodgers are also thinking about Mike Cameron. Sure, why not add another bum to go along with Pierre? Not to mention Cameron is suspended for the first 25 games due to his affinity to do speed.
  • The SF Chronicle is reporting that the Dodgers are pursuing Joe Blanton.
  • The Dodgers have inquired about the availability of Brewers pitcher Ben Sheets.
12:00 pm
  • The Dodgers have made a two year offer to Andruw Jones for $32 Million according to Jerry Crasnick from ESPN.COM. He may hold for a 3rd year or maybe more. If he wants more than 3 years then he won't get it from the Blue.
  • Steve Henson from Yahoo! Sports is saying the Dodgers and Texas Rangers have had discussions involving Hank Blalock. Andy LaRoche would almost certainly be involved in that trade were it to go down.
  • Jayson Stark reports that the Orioles think they may have a match with the Dodgers for Eric Bedard, even if the Dodgers won't move Kershaw or Kemp.
  • WALTER O'MALLEY the genius that brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles was elected into the Hall of Fame today by the Veterans commission. What a great time to do it as well, being that it's the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers coming to L.A. Coincidence? We think not. What a great day in Dodgerville!!

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