Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Game 1 - NLDS

Watching the Dodgers systematically dismantle the Cubs tonight was something that can not be taken lightly. After the Dodgers sputtered along for 4 listless innings, Ryan Dempster gave them the pick me up they needed by loading the bases and serving a fastball to which James Loney promptly banged over the Left/Center field Ivy covered wall for a grand slam. Derek Lowe looked like the same Derek Lowe that helped carry the 2004 Red Sox to a championship, throwing 6 strong ininngs of 2 run ball.

Even Broxton looked good tonight which is surprising since recently he's been hit harder than Sarah Palin on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" Manny also added a golf shot, as did Russel Martin in the ninth. Let's not get carried away though, while this is the first series lead the Dodgers have had since 1988, it's still only one game. The good thing is now they have the home field advantage. They looked flat the first 41/2 but really started to knock around the beleagured Chicago pitching staff after that.

Carlos Zambrano goes up against Chad Billingsley tomorrow in the late game and it should be great. I will say this, though, Rafael Furcal looked off, like he wasn't ready to play. Perhaps, he shoud be relegated to bench duty with Jeff Kent and let Angel Berroa play SS. Just a thought. Other than that the lineup was great, the pitching was phenomenal, Lowe, Wade, Broxton & Maddux (Mad Dog closed...weird). Let's hope the Dodgers keep this barrage of hitting up & sweep the Cubs out of the playoffs.

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