Monday, October 13, 2008

Game 4 - Disgust

The Dodgers had this one. Up 5-3 with 2 innings to go & Hong Chi Kuo pitching his tail off. It was there's to lose & lose it they did. Joe Torre's surprising decision to lift Kuo for Corey Wade only to have Wade give up a line drive homer to Dodger arch-foe Shane Victorino, then have him lifted in the 8th for Jonathan "Can't pitch under pressure" Broxton was baffling. To say Broxton folds under pressure is like asking Jack Clark if he can hit a Tom Niedenfeur fast ball. Broxton threw a pitch to Matt Stairs that may still be going. The Dodgers had the best era in the NL this season. The best bullpen & with Manny pne of the best lineups, but it is in an odd configuration to say the least.

Russell Martin should bat 2nd. Andre Ethier or James Loney should bat 4th. Torre should not keep goofing around with the lineup. He started doing that in his last years with the Yankees, batting A-Rod eighth, but leaving the underachieving over-hyped Derek Jeter in the 2 slot. This is a manager who won 4 championships in New York with what were essentially Gene Michaels' and Buck Showalter teams. He has proven he can not manage young players & needs a presence like Manny Ramirez to change rules that he had established in the club house since day one (No music, no long hair, etc.). Joe Torre doesn't have the wherewithal to adapt to the everchanging landscape of baseball.

If the Dodgers are to succeed they will have to get a presence much like the Angels in that of Mike Scioscia. Well the Angels lost in the first round to the Sox and Torre helped the Dodgers win their first series in 20 years, you say. B.S.!!! Manny Ramirez won that series & is the only reason the Dodgers are where they are today. He elevated that team to a playoff contender, without Manny this team would be languishing somewhere near the bottom of the division. If this offseason is to be any kind of success, McCourt better open up that moth ridden wallet of his and pay Manny accordingly. He'll make up the money in revenue in the first year alone. Also, if there's a chance to land Mike Scioscia at any point within the next few years it'd be worth the hurt feelings of Joe Torre to get a manager that isn't sleeping on the rail during the game.

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