Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Post

First I'd like to welcome everyone to my newest venture. I hope you all get some joy out of knowing about the greatest team in baseball. I mean the Dodgers...yeah those Dodgers...yes the same Dodgers that have only won one playoff game since '88. At least we're top 3 in attendance every year.

For the real stuff here is my declaration: AHEM...Ned Colletti...Do not trade Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp in the same trade. Bill James -- uber sabermatrician has projected these numbers for the 24 year old Matt Kemp this year --- .322 avg., .365 OBP., .508 Slug & a .873 OPs. Over a career that equals Cooperstown. You keep him in right, pick up Aaron Rowand at a cheaper price than the Angels foolishly paid for Hunter & try to move Pierre maybe to the Twins. Of course, you'd have to suck up some of that $44 million you gave him last year but it's worth it if we could get a new bat boy out of it.

Remember when we traded Pedro Martinez straight for Delino Deshields because everyone thought the 22 year old Pedro was too skinny to be effective and Deshields had just come off a solid year? Boy were they right. Pedro only went on to win a few Cy Young Awards and Deshields got ran over by Raul Mondesi and was always hurt and bad at baseball. Trading a 19 year old Kershaw with the upside he has would be a mistake.

It is a well known fact that Joe Crede is available in Chicago and can be had for much less than Miguel Cabrera in Florida. He may not be the same caliber of player but he's a hell of a lot better than what we have now. I'm just saying be a little patient Colletti. You're a Giant anyway so any move you make is suspect.

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